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How to Get Free Samples by Mail

Are you looking to get free samples by mail?


Well, look no further because we are going to share some tips and tricks on how to get free stuff sent to your mailing address.

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Everyone loves free stuff. Companies give away free samples and freebies as a way to get people excited about their products.

By doing so, they are placing the products directly in your hands. It’s a way for them to connect with their potential customers and introduce their products to you.

Sometimes getting a customer to try a product is a real challenge for them, even more so when it’s a product the customer has never tried before.

Giving away free samples are often more powerful and often cost less than traditional advertising.

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Disclosure: Some of the links in the post below are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and participate in the program, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers.


Tips for getting free samples by mail

So what’s the catch when businesses offer free samples?

Sometimes, free giveaways are done without asking for anything in return.

At a supermarket, some people may even feel obligated to reciprocate by buying the product they received as a freebie.

Things work slightly different when you receive free samples by mail. So companies have to take a more proactive approach to get something back in return.

Sometimes you may have to pay the shipping cost but usually, the value of the freebie is greater than the shipping cost to make it worth your time.

While the free sample isn’t exactly free, the total cost would still be less than what it would cost to get it in the store.

Unless you really want the product, it’s not as exciting as getting a totally free sample with free shipping included.

Some free samples require you to fill out surveys, share personal information or perform certain actions in exchange for free products.


What companies send free samples?

Knowing where to look for these freebies and samples can save you time and money.

To help you with that, I am listing the best websites and companies that you can check out for free samples by mail.

Unless stated otherwise, the free samples listed on this page are available in the US only. I’ll always try to include those available for those from the Canada, UK, Australia and other countries.

The following free samples websites are opened to the resident of the US only. Please let me know if any of them have expired.

SuperSave Free Makeup Samples

Flawless looks without the cost. FREE Makeup Samples

SuperSave Dove Soaps

Flawless looks without the cost. FREE Dove® Product Samples

SuperSave Beauty

Flawless looks without the cost. FREE Beauty & Health Product Samples!

Everyday Family: Free Diaper Sweepstakes

Everyday Family offers users a number of different free baby samples, offers and coupons from name brand advertisers.


The best samples from the best brands.

Everyday Family: Moms Sampling Club

Everyday Family: Mom Sampling Club Registration offers users access to the Everyday Mom Sampling Club – Receive a new box of samples every month as part of this exclusive program.

Mystery Shopper: Ulta Beauty – US

Get a chance to become a Mystery Shopper, share your opinions on store layout, pricing, product selection and value for money and get $200 Ulta Beauty Coupons, FREE!

What website/companies give free samples?

What are the best free sample websites? You are in luck because I’ve listed them for your below. Check them out.


PINCHme – free samples for feedback.

PINCHMe is a free sample program that mails you samples of free products from brands.

free samples from pinchme

The best thing about PINCHme is that they don’t just send you one or two free samples, but a box of free samples containing various cool products to try.

These samples can be anything from coffee, soap, dog treats, shampoo, makeup, chips and more.

Not everyone will receive the same free samples though. Here how it works:

  1. They’ll survey you to understand who you are and what you buy.
  2. Brands provide them with samples that they distribute to you if you match the target group.
  3. Two weeks after receiving the free samples, you’ll be asked to fill out a feedback survey/ questionnaire which should only take a few minutes of your time.

After you joined PINCHme, you can visit the free sample page to see if there are any free samples that you can request.

These samples can run out fast. Keep an eye on their Sample Day where they announce new samples you can choose to add to your PINCHme box.

PINCHme is a great way to get free samples by mail with no credit card required.


Influenster – get boxes of free stuff by writing reviews

To get your free samples by mail from Influenster, you’ll need to do more than just signing up.

The box of free samples that Influenster sends out are called “Vox Boxes”.

These boxes contain full-sized free products that you get to review and keep. Sometimes a box can contain hundreds of dollars worth of freebies.

Influenster evaluates your eligibility by calculating your impact score. This is the number that appears under your profile image. The higher the number, the better your chance of receiving a VoxBox.

One way you can increase your impact score is by connecting all your social media accounts on this page.

Once you receive a box, you can complete certain tasks online to improve your chance to get another box in the future.

You can also download their mobile app. Once you have the app on your phone, you can then start working on there to earn your free products.

The more effort you put it, the higher your chance of getting more freebies.


SampleSource  – try before you buy sampling program

SampleSource works like this:

  1. You sign up and tell them about yourself, your lifestyle and your shopping habits,
  2. Choose samples that you would like to try that matches your profile from their website
  3. They will ship the sample to you for free so you can try and rate them.

They have all kinds of samples including makeup, beauty care products, household cleaning products, health products food samples and more.


Smiley360 – get boxes of free samples by sharing on social media

Smiley360 calls their boxes of free products missions.

To qualify for a mission, you need to fill out surveys. This helps them to get to know you better. The information also allows them to send the right products that you can share your feedback on.

To improve your chance of being accepted for a Smiley360 Mission, you’ll want to fill out relevant surveys, participate in the community discussions and keep your profile up-to-date.


BzzAgent – get free sample boxes and spread the word about them

BzzAgent works quite similar to other get free samples by mail programs. In short, you try products and services then share your honest opinion with people you know.

BzzAgent is open to residents in the US and Canada. You can join BzzAgent UK if you are in the UK.

To get your free samples, first, you need to tell them your interests by completing surveys. If they find matching products, BzzAgent will send you an email asking you to apply.

Finally, you share experience and opinion with friends and posting your stories on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

The more activities you complete, the higher your BzzScore becomes which will help you get even more free stuff.


What are the best free sample sites

To give you more choices, you can also find the best free sample sites listed below.

Some are major brands and companies that will send you free sample and coupons without having to complete surveys or promote them on the social media.

All that is required is your mailing information and sometimes your email.

  • – one of the oldest free stuff sites on the internet.
  • Walmart free baby sample box – this offer is fairly popular and they often run out of stock. Wile the samples are free, it costs $5 for shipping. You get free diaper wipes, baby shampoo, diaper cream, wipes and more.
  • Craigslist – can be a great source for finding freecycling, i.e. used items that have remaining useful life and are being given away to the general public for free.
  • Get free money – if you are looking to make free money quickly without much effort, check out this post

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How to protect your privacy when requesting free samples by mail

To receive free samples by mail, you’ll have to fill out your mailing address. Some companies won’t send the freebies to a P.O. Box so you’ll have to use your street address.

Sharing your email address is often a requirement. For that purpose, I suggest creating a separate email account when you sign up.

This separates your personal inbox from the promotional emails and protects yourself in case you get spammed.

The company may also ask for a phone number. Only share this if it’s absolutely necessary. To be sure, read the terms of conditions and make sure that the company is legit.

If in doubt, you can use a fake number. You can always update your information later as necessary. Otherwise, you can skip the offer altogether.

Some companies ask for your date of birth to make sure you’re old enough to participate in their free samples offer. Only do this if you think the company is valid and that you feel comfortable sharing this information

Free samples should be free. It shouldn’t even be a free trial. If the company asks for your credit card information then skip over the offer.


Can you get free samples by mail without surveys?

Some free samples by mail require you to fill out surveys.

Whether you want to participate in the survey or not, you’ll have to decide it for yourself if the free samples are worth your time/sharing personal info.

The information they gather is often used for marketing purposes. Companies are interested to learn more about your buying habits, income level, marital status and more to learn if you are a good target for their mailing list.

To protect your privacy, you can choose to ignore any questions if they are not required in order to get the free samples.

Or just skip over the freebie entirely if you are not comfortable answering.


How to make sure you receive your free samples

It takes on average 4-8 weeks for the free samples to arrive so be patient.

It’s also quite common for free samples requested by mail to not show up. There are several reasons for this including:

  • The company has run out of free samples – to improve your chance, you’ll want to sign up as soon as the offer is made available.
  • Free sample scams – it’s not always easy to decide if the free sample is by a legitimate company or scammers trying to steal your information. Offers from reputable companies/recognize brand names should be fine. Avoid those that ask for your credit card information or a social security number.
  • Pay attention to the terms and conditions – sometimes the free samples may not be available in your location or you don’t meet certain criteria to be eligible for the sample.
  • Incomplete information – some information may be missing or incorrect when you fill out the form.
  • Check your email – are there further steps you might need to complete?
  • The package gets lost – sometimes the packages can get lost in the mail or misdelivered.

If the samples don’t show up after 4-8 weeks, or whatever the delivery time is, you can contact the company and let them know your situation.

In some case, they may be able to mail out another free sample to you.



There you have it! That’s how to get free samples by mail.

The day when the free sample boxes arrive in your mailbox can be an exciting one.

You know it’s time unpack, discover new products to try and even save some money.

You may have encountered free food samples offered at supermarkets.

Notice how you would be more inclined to try the product than you would have otherwise previously since they don’t cost anything. If you like how it tastes, then you’ll be more likely to buy it.

The same idea applies when you are getting free samples by mail.

The companies are trying to hook you and hope that you will develop a positive brand recognition. Sometimes you get coupons to exchange for a free product or even full-sized products.

You get to try new products and even save some money. It’s a win-win arrangement for you and the company.


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