How to get free clothes from SHEIN.

How to Get Free Clothes from SHEIN Without Paying

So, you’re on a mission to revamp your wardrobe without breaking the bank, right?

Well, guess what? We’ve got your back!

In this blog post, we’ll share some insider tips on how to get free clothes from SHEIN.

Buckle up, and let’s dive into the world of SHEIN shopping hacks that’ll help you score fantastic outfits without spending a dime.

Let’s get started!



How to Get Free Clothes from SHEIN

Ready to snag some free clothes from SHEIN?

Here are thirteen tried-and-true ways to do just that!

While some of these methods may involve a small purchase, none of them will break the bank.


1. Participate in the SHEIN Free Trial Program

Our first recommendation is to join the SHEIN Free Trial Program to score free clothes from SHEIN without paying.

As a product tester, you’ll have the chance to try out the latest clothing items and review them on the SHEIN website.

In exchange for your detailed review, you get to keep the clothes for free! Yep you read that right!

To become a SHEIN tester, visit the Free Trial Center and select your preferred items. You can apply up to 3 times per week, but make sure your account is in good standing.

If you’re chosen, you’ll receive your item by mail and have 10 days to submit your review, complete with photos and comments on the material, texture, and overall quality.

We’ve written a comprehensive guide to help you become a SHEIN product tester and increase your chances of being selected.

Check out How to Become a SHEIN Product Tester and Enjoy Free Clothes for a step-by-step walkthrough. Good luck!


2. Shop SHEIN Sale, Flash Sales, and Clearance Items

Keep an eye on SHEIN’s sale items, including their clearance section and flash sales, especially during holiday sales and special promotions.

While you might not get 100% free clothes, these heavily discounted offers can help you save a significant amount and potentially grab a few items for next to nothing.

With discounts of up to 60% off regular prices across multiple categories and daily deals over 50%, you might score a freebie or two!

Don’t forget to browse items by price, like “All Under $5,” “All Under $10,” and “All Under $15.”

Be sure to check out SHEIN’s Black Friday Sale and other holiday sales for even more savings. So, keep a close watch and act fast, as these discounts may only be available for a limited time.


3. Leverage Reward Websites and Survey Sites

Another way to grab free clothes from SHEIN is to sign up with reward websites like Swagbucks, MyPoints, and Survey Junkie.

These sites let you earn SHEIN gift cards or PayPal cash by completing simple tasks in your spare time, such as playing games, watching videos, browsing the internet, shopping online, reading emails, or taking surveys.

It’s a fantastic deal for everyone involved: you score free clothes or discounts, while these websites gain valuable feedback.

To get started, sign up for an account, complete tasks, and redeem your rewards for SHEIN gift cards or PayPal cash. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying free clothes from SHEIN!


4. Get 15% Off Your First Order

While it might not be entirely free, new SHEIN customers can take advantage of an amazing 15% discount on their first order over $49 when they sign up for an email subscription.

This discount even applies to sale items! By taking advantage of this offer, you can reduce your overall spending, allowing you to save money for future purchases or even snag a free item or two.

To get started, create a SHEIN account and sign up for their newsletter. You’ll receive a special promo code via email, which you can use at checkout to enjoy 15% off your first purchase.

Remember, the more you save now, the closer you are to getting free clothes from SHEIN!


5. Earn SHEIN Points and Redeem Them for Discounts

Maximize your savings on SHEIN by accumulating points through their rewards program.

By participating in various activities on the website, you can earn points to redeem for discounts or even free clothes.

Here’s how to effectively collect points:

  • Sign up for a SHEIN account and opt-in to the rewards program
  • Verify your email to earn 100 points
  • Earn 100 points when you complete your profile
  • Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend on eligible purchases (excluding taxes, shipping, or other fees)
  • Write product reviews for 5 to 20 points each
  • Log in daily and participate in activities like watching SHEIN Live Shows or entering contests and giveaways
  • Share SHEIN products on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Lookbook, and Wanelo to earn between 5 and 30 points
  • Join special events and redeem points for coupons or game opportunities

Keep track of your points balance in your account, and when you have enough, visit the rewards page on SHEIN to redeem them for free clothing or other items.

Remember that points have different expiration dates, so pay attention to when they’ll expire and use them before they’re deleted from your account.

Some points are valid for three months after they are added to your account. You can pay for up to 70% of your purchase with bonus points at checkout.

By participating consistently, you can gradually earn enough points to get free or discounted clothes from SHEIN.


6. Utilize SHEIN Coupons and Promo Codes

This next method will help you save money on SHEIN by finding coupon codes.

Use these strategies to make the most of available discounts:

When you’re ready to checkout, enter the best available coupon code in the designated field and apply any bonus points you have.

Although you can’t use more than one promo code at a time, you can still maximize your savings by combining the coupon with your SHEIN points, which can potentially take up to 70% off your order.

By consistently searching for coupons and stacking them with other saving methods like SHEIN points, you can score massive discounts or even completely free clothing from SHEIN.

7. Get a SHEIN Student Discount

If you are a student, you can enjoy significant savings on your SHEIN purchases by using your valid student ID.

Here’s how it works:

  • Verify your student status with SHEIN by creating an account and providing proof of enrollment in a qualifying educational institution
  • Look for SHEIN student discounts through partners like UNiDays and BrokeScholar, offering up to 15% off
  • Apply the discount codes at checkout and save on your purchases

Although this option doesn’t give you 100% free clothing, every little bit counts towards reducing the cost of your shopping.

By taking advantage of student discounts and combining them with other saving methods, you can get closer to your goal of free or heavily discounted SHEIN clothing.


8. Follow SHEIN on Social Media

Stay updated on the latest sales, promos, and other deals by following SHEIN on various social media platforms.

Not only will you find adorable pictures and new product releases, but you’ll also gain access to exclusive discounts and promotions.

Don’t miss out on any opportunity to save money; follow SHEIN on these official social media profiles:

By staying connected with SHEIN through social media, you’ll be among the first to know about upcoming sales and discounts, helping you score the best deals on your favorite items.


9. Download the SHEIN App for Exclusive Offers and Deals

Maximize your savings and stay updated on the latest trends by downloading the SHEIN app on your smartphone.

With the app, you’ll have access to exclusive offers, deals, and even opportunities to score free clothes.

Not only will you receive a 10% off SHEIN promo code on your first app order, but you’ll also be notified about daily flash sales offering up to 80% off.

By using the SHEIN app, you’ll enjoy first access to sales and special promo codes, making your shopping experience more convenient and budget-friendly. Download the SHEIN app for your device from the following platforms:


10. Become a #SHEINgal Influencer

Do you have a flair for fashion and a significant social media following?

Consider joining the #SHEINgal Influencer program to receive free clothes in exchange for showcasing your stylish posts.

SHEIN’s ambassador program, #SHEINgals, collaborates with fashion influencers, allowing them to try out new styles and promote SHEIN clothing on platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

To apply for the SHEIN Brand Ambassador and Influencer program, post a photo on Instagram or a video on YouTube featuring yourself wearing a SHEIN item. Tag @sheinofficial, use the hashtags #sheingals and #shein, and email the post’s link to, expressing your interest in collaborating with them.

While there are no specific conditions outlined for acceptance into the program, having a considerable following on Instagram or YouTube could increase your chances of becoming a #SHEINgal and trying out new styles in exchange for sharing your favorite looks on your platform.


11. Apply for SHEGLAM Influencer Program

The SHEGLAM Influencer Program, created by SHEIN, targets makeup artists, enthusiasts, and content creators eager to showcase SHEGLAM products on social media.

They’re on the lookout for fashionable beauty aficionados and creative content producers with a considerable following on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

As a member of the SHEGLAM Family, you’ll enjoy perks such as PR gift boxes, generous bonuses including gift cards, and exposure to their community of over 1 million followers.

If you’re interested, you can apply today and, if successful, expect to receive an invitation within two weeks.


12. Enter SHEIN Giveaways and Sweepstakes on Social Media

SHEIN frequently hosts giveaways and contests on platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

By following their social media accounts, you’ll stay updated on their latest promotions and sweepstakes.

For example, they’ve previously given away multiple gift cards, with entry requirements being as simple as following, commenting, and reposting.

Besides their social media accounts, they may also advertise these giveaways and sweepstakes on the SHEIN website or through email newsletters.

To participate, ensure you follow the specific rules and guidelines for each contest, which may include filling out an entry form, following SHEIN on social media, or sharing a post.


13. Shop with Cashback Websites

Utilize cashback websites like Rakuten to save money while shopping at SHEIN. The savings can accumulate over time, potentially adding up to a free outfit or two!

To earn free SHEIN clothing through Rakuten, sign up for a Rakuten account, and start shopping.

Visit the SHEIN website through the Rakuten app or website, make your purchase as usual, and Rakuten will track your purchase, automatically applying any applicable cashback to your account.

Rakuten is a cashback shopping website and app that allows users to earn money back on their online purchases at participating retailers, including SHEIN.


Rakuten offers varying cashback rates, sometimes reaching up to 8% or higher for SHEIN purchases.

By using Rakuten, you can save a significant amount over time. Additionally, Rakuten provides a $30 sign-up bonus for new members who spend at least $30, further maximizing your savings.

Rakuten pays you quarterly through check or free PayPal money.

Combining cashback with the sign-up bonus, your next SHEIN shopping trip could be free or heavily discounted.

So, sign up for Rakuten and enjoy the benefits of earning cashback while shopping for your favorite SHEIN items.


Additional Tips for Shopping on Getting Free SHEIN Clothes

The following will help you make the most of your shopping experience, save money, and potentially accumulate enough savings to score a free item or two.

Read Customer Reviews for Quality Assurance

Before making a purchase, take the time to read customer reviews on the product page.

Reviews can provide valuable insight into the quality, fit, and feel of the item.

By learning from other customers’ experiences, you can make a more informed decision and avoid potential disappointments, ensuring your savings and free items are truly worth it.

Pay Attention to Measurements and Size Charts

Sizing can vary significantly between brands and even individual items. To ensure a proper fit, carefully review the provided measurements and size charts for each product.

Measure yourself and compare the results with the size chart to find the best fit.

This extra step can save you time and hassle by reducing the likelihood of needing a return or exchange, helping you make the most of your free or discounted clothes.

Establish a Shopping Budget

It’s essential to set a budget and maximum spending limit for your SHEIN shopping experience, even when taking advantage of significant discounts.

By doing this, you can effectively manage your finances while trying to acquire free clothes from SHEIN.

Use Payment Plans like Klarna, AfterPay, or Zip for Flexible Spending

If you want to make a purchase but need some financial flexibility, consider using payment plans like Klarna, AfterPay, or Zip.

These services allow you to split your purchase into smaller, interest-free payments over time, making it easier to budget for your new wardrobe.

Just be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully, and make your payments on time to avoid any additional fees or penalties.

Steer Clear of SHEIN Clothing Scams

Some online websites, such as FlashRewards and Rewards Giant, claim to offer large SHEIN gift cards as part of their promotions.

However, these deals are often scams, so be cautious and avoid anything that appears too good to be true. Focus on legitimate methods and promotions to obtain free clothes from SHEIN.

Maintain Realistic Expectations

While the strategies listed in this article can help you obtain free SHEIN clothing occasionally or secure substantial discounts, it’s important to remain realistic.

Acquiring numerous free items can be challenging unless you’re an influencer.

Keep in mind that even small savings can accumulate over time, eventually leading to free items.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are several common questions related to getting free clothes from SHEIN.

How do I get free stuff from SHEIN?

You can get free stuff from SHEIN by participating in SHEIN Free Trial Program, accumulating bonus points, participating in giveaways and sweepstakes, becoming a SHEIN influencer, using cashback websites, and taking advantage of promotions and sales.

Be sure to follow SHEIN on social media and sign up for their email newsletter to stay updated on the latest deals and opportunities.

Is SHEIN a legit company?

Yes, SHEIN is a legitimate company.

It is an international online fashion retailer that offers a wide range of affordable clothing, accessories, and home goods.

Why is SHEIN so cheap?

SHEIN is so cheap because it sources products from manufacturers with low production costs, often in countries with lower labor expenses.

Additionally, they produce clothing in large quantities, which helps reduce overall costs. However, this may sometimes result in variable product quality.

Can you trust the SHEIN website?

Yes, the SHEIN website is generally trustworthy for purchasing clothing and accessories.

The company has a secure website and accepts various payment methods, ensuring safe transactions.

Does SHEIN send free clothes to influencers?

Yes, SHEIN does send free clothes to influencers as part of their influencer program.

By joining the #SHEINgal Influencer program or SHEGLAM influencer program, selected influencers can receive free clothes or makeup products in exchange for promoting the brand on their social media platforms.

Do you get points if someone likes your review on SHEIN?

No, you don’t receive points when someone likes your review on SHEIN.

You can earn points by writing reviews, uploading pictures, or participating in other activities on the SHEIN website, but receiving likes on your reviews does not result in additional points.

Is the $750 SHEIN gift card real?

The $750 SHEIN gift card offered by some online websites, such as FlashRewards and Rewards Giant, is most likely a scam.

These deals are often too good to be true and designed to collect personal information.

It is best to focus on legitimate promotions and deals offered directly by SHEIN or through trustworthy sources.


Final Thoughts on Getting Free Clothes from SHEIN

Getting free clothes from SHEIN is possible by taking advantage of various opportunities, such as the SHEIN Free Trial Program, bonus points, giveaways, influencer programs, and cashback websites.

By staying informed about the latest promotions and sales, you can maximize your savings and potentially score free items.

Additionally, following our shopping tips can help ensure a positive and rewarding SHEIN experience.

So, keep an eye out for these opportunities and enjoy a stylish wardrobe without breaking the bank!

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