Get paid to test products at home

How to Get Paid to Test Products at Home [For Free]

Are you interested in becoming a product tester? Do you want to know how to get paid to test products at home?

If you answer yes, you are in luck because there are testing companies that will ship you test products for free for you to test at home.

In return, they will ask you to write an honest review of your experience and would often let you keep the product for free.

You may even receive additional rewards such as cash or free gift cards for your time and feedback.

If you are asked to return the product once testing is completed, it’s probably because the manufacturer would like to examine the wear and tear or the product is a high-value item.

Either way, the shipping cost is often borne by the manufacturer.

Companies and manufacturers use your feedback to measure the performance of a product to make improvements and verify that the product works correctly.

In today’s post, you’ll find a list of product testing sites that offer various product testing opportunities at home for consumers.

For more ways to get free products, check out How to Get Free Samples by Mail.

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How to Get Paid to Test Products

Get paid to test products at home


To find product testing opportunities, first, you need to sign up with market research companies and product testing panels listed on this page.

Once accepted, the panel will email you when a paid product testing job is available.

You often need to take a qualifying survey or screener questions which you need to respond fast. Remember, you are just one among thousands of users trying to fill a limited quota.

Since these product testing sites randomly select only a small sample from their panel that matches specific consumer profile, there’s no guarantee you will be chosen.

To maximize your chances, be sure to join as many programs as you can.

I suggest you create a new email address for this purpose. This is to protect you from unwanted spam and to separate your personal emails from promotional ones.

Note that most of the companies below are looking for product testers from the US, Canada or the UK.

If the site accepts accept international testers from other countries, I’ll be sure to give it a mention.


Paid Product Testing Jobs from Home

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a college student or a teenager trying to earn extra cash to buy fun stuff, product testing allows you to try exciting new products and save money.

Even if you don’t get paid for the test, you can always sell the product afterwards if you decide not to keep it.

As you’ll be working from home, you don’t have to spend money commuting. You can work on your own schedule and only pick products that you find interesting.


Websites For Free Product Testing at Home

While there are plenty of sites offering product testing jobs for consumers, only a select few are really dependable and deliver what they promise.

The following are mostly market research firms hired by companies to find product testers like you and me.

Here are a few to get you started.

Toluna Opinions (US)

Toluna partners with companies like Amazon, L’oreal and Sony Music who are looking to get honest opinions on their products and services to make improvements.

You get points for completing surveys, voting on sponsored polls, filling out your profile surveys, creating content and playing games.

These points which can be exchanged for electronic vouchers or PayPal cash.

You’ll have to apply to test products and they’ll decide if you fit the profile. Although currently, they are shifting focus more towards paid online surveys.

Those who are not from the US can sign up via any of the following links:

PineCone Research (US)

This is a product testing and survey panel hired by companies seeking your input to develop and improved products.

You don’t always receive physical products to test though.  Sometimes panelists are testing the merits of a product idea to determine what appeals most to consumers in a product.

For each completed surveys, you will receive points that can be redeemed for cash or prizes.

Occasionally, they will send you a product to test. These products can be beauty products, food, drink and others.

Your first 300 points will automatically be redeemed as a check and sent to your home address in order to make sure your profile is legit.


Free sample boxes from Pinchme

PINCHMe is a free sample program that sends you samples of free products from brands in exchange for your feedback.

The best thing about PINCHme is that they don’t just send you one or two free samples, but a box of free samples containing various products to try.

These samples can be anything from coffee, soap, dog treats, shampoo, makeup, chips and more. Not everyone will receive the same free samples and they can run out fast.

PINCHme is a great way to get free samples by mail with no credit card required. It’s also a fun way to receive products to test via mail and become a product tester. (UK)

With, you’ll have the chance to opt into 3 or 4 offers that you’re interested in.

Just sign up with your details and complete a questionnaire to see if you fit the profile they are looking for.

They will confirm via email if they select you and will send you a product for testing and keep for free.

In return, you’ll have to write a 500-word review, create a video review and take several photos.

If you live near an ASDA Supermarket in the UK, you’ll have a chance to be a mystery shopper for ASDA stores in the UK.

You can become a product tester and get £100 voucher for free when you shop for ASDA Supermarket.

Everyday Family: Moms Sampling Club (US)

Everyday Family: Mom Sampling Club Registration offers users access to the Everyday Mom Sampling Club.

As a member, you will receive a new box of samples every month as part of this exclusive program.

If you are an expectant or a new mom, they also offer a number of different free baby samples, offers and coupons from name brand advertisers.

You can enter their sweepstakes for a chance to win free diapers.

MindsPay Panel (US)

MindsPay offers product testing opportunities as well as paid surveys for cash.

If you are looking to buy something already and want to save some money while doing it, it’s a program you can consider. The minimum cash out is $50 via PayPal.

You will be able to get free samples of some of your favorite products without spending a penny.


BzzAgent sends you free products and services in exchange for sharing your honest opinion with people you know. You can join BzzAgent UK if you are in the UK.

Among the participating brands include Loreal, Gillette, Nestle, Purina, Samsonite, Unilever and others.

To get your free samples, first, you need to tell them your interests by completing surveys. If they find matching products, BzzAgent will send you an email asking you to apply.

Finally, you share experiences and opinions with friends and posting your stories on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

The more you share, the more samples you can qualify to receive in the future.


Sign up to receive free samples from popular brands, coupons and other offers which are shipped every month.

You must first complete the ShopGala registration process and provide your full name, mailing address, date of birth, email address and any other information requested during the registration process.

To qualify you must be 18 years of age or older.


This is for those who are active on social media and don’t mind sharing their experience using the product samples with their followers.

Active Instagrammers will have the best chance of receiving their box of free samples called “Vox Boxes”.

Once you receive a box, you can complete certain tasks online to improve your chance to get another box in the future.

The more effort you put it, the higher your chances of getting more freebies.


Smiley360 calls their boxes of free products missions.

To qualify for a mission, you need to fill out surveys. This helps them to get to know you better. The information also allows them to send the right products that you can share your feedback on.

To improve your chance of being accepted for a Smiley360 Mission, you’ll want to fill out relevant surveys, participate in the community discussions and keep your profile up-to-date.

Mom Ambassador

Moms Meet is a large online community that allows moms to come together and sample products and services in exchange for open and honest feedback.

Most of the products they offer are either natural, organic, eco-friendly or compliant with various dietary restrictions.

From food and beverages, to personal and baby care, to vitamins and supplements and everything in between, you get to choose products that interest you.


CroudTap is an online marketing platform that uses WOM (Word of Mouth) to connect consumers and brands.

They ask questions (polls), show short videos and open up discussions on a variety of brands and topics.

You collect points by answering those poll questions, viewing and sharing videos or participating in discussions.

These points are redeemable for gift cards and other free product samples.


Companies that Offer Free Product Testing

Companies that offer free product testing.

The following sites are companies and manufacturers that offer direct product testing programs in-house.

New Balance

If you like New Balance or just want to try out cool free sneakers, you can join the New Balance Tester Community.

They will notify you when a new prototype test is available.  If you choose to take part in the test, your New Balance prototypes will be sent right to your doorstep.

Let them know your honest opinion about the shoes to help them make improvements.

Nike Product Testing

To join the Nike Product Testing program, you have to accept their rules first, then apply and get approved.

You can apply for adult testing (18+ years old), apply as a minor (12-17 years old) or apply for a child if you are a parent of a child 12 years or younger.

If you get the green light and are selected to participate, the testing process will involve the following steps:

  1. Accept test invitation and receive the test packet
  2. Test the product
  3. Submit feedback via the website
  4. Return the product to test again.

McCormick Consumer Testing

McCormick Consumer Testing uses your opinions to guide the product development process for a variety of food and beverage products.

If you meet the demographic requirements of the product being tested, you’ll receive an email inviting you to answer some questions for an upcoming consumer test.

Once you have answered the questions, the system will inform you as to whether or not you qualify for that specific test.

If eligible, you will be provided with the session times and you can then choose the one session, if any, which best suits you.

Most tests are held at their Hunt Valley facility at 202 Wight Avenue. If you are not able to travel, you can join the Home Use Tests and Internet surveys program.

For each test conducted at their facility, they pay from $30 to $100. Compensation for tests done in your home typically ranges from $10 to $15.

Prize drawings are held for Internet surveys to win Amazon gift cards.

Johnson & Johnson

The Johnson & Johnson Friends’ & Neighbors program allows you to try products before anyone else.

Studies may include smelling fragrances for a new body wash line, evaluating a new lash lengthening mascara, or testing types of dental floss, just to name a few.

These may be home use studies or studies conducted at their local facilities.

In addition, you can participate in other types of studies including online surveys, online discussion forums, focus groups, consumer panels and sensory panel.

After the close of a study, you may receive an honorarium as a token of appreciation, such as a Prepaid Visa Card.


The Wear Testers program allowing you to join their real-world test community where they will send you gear, from shoes to bras to test.

You can use it on morning jogs, on race days, in any weather condition and then let them know how it worked or didn’t work for you.

Brooks will pay to ship all gear to you and send you a return shipment label when they need the gear returned.

Testers must be 18+ years old and live in the US.


Adidas accepts product tester applications from people from the U.S and Canada and must be at least 18 years old.

If selected, they will mail the test product to you with instructions and will require you to test the product over the course of a few weeks (generally 2-4 weeks).

Once completed, mail back the test product for inspection and evaluation (Adidas will provide a return label).


When you become a member of the Product Testing Team, the selection is based on characteristics such as shoe/apparel size, demographic profile, geographic location, activity and athletic profile.

Once selected, you will receive an email inviting you to participate in each test you qualify for. If you decide to participate, Rebook will mail you the product with instructions.

At the end of the test period, product testers answer a simple online questionnaire and mail the test product back to Reebok (you’ll need to pay the return shipping cost).

As a reward, you will receive a free Reebok product for successfully completing your test.

Summer Infant

Summer Infant sells various infant and toddler care products.

You can sign up to become a product tester, participate in focus groups, take surveys or baby photoshoots. You pick and choose what you want to do.


If you are a teacher, the Mead4Teachers program is an opportunity for you to receive free Mead products to use in your classroom.

In return, all they expect is your honest opinion. Just complete the form on their website to sign up and ensure that your name is on their list of eligible teachers.

Success Rice

Success Rice offers boil-in-bag rice products.

If you’re interested in participating with product research, check ‘in-home product placement’ and answer a few more questions.

Red Robin

Do you like the idea of getting paid to eat burgers?

Well as a member of the Red Robin panel, you get to participate in various activities including taste tests, focus groups and other research projects.

On average, a test lasts an hour and take place in their Denver Tech Center or at a local Red Robin near you.


Get Paid to Test Beauty Products

Get paid to test beauty products.

If you’re looking for free makeup samples and beauty products, SuperSave offers various makeup samples and other related offers to help you save money.

Like most other similar offers, you’ll need to provide some personal information, complete their survey and agree to let them use your information in accordance with their Terms of Service.

Here are a few to check out:

Glamspotters is a program by the popular Glamour magazine.

Once registered as a member, you’ll be able to log into the panelist area where you can view events and take part in surveys of your choosing.

You’ll be sharing your opinion on fashion, beauty, entertainment and more. You’ll also have the chance to try new products.

L’Oreal USA

L’Oreal USA is recruiting men and women (18 years and older) to join its Consumer Participation Panel.

As a panelist, you will be invited to on-site events where you will test and keep various types of L’Oreal products including hair care, hair color, cosmetics, skincare, hair styling and sun care.

You can also request the products to be mailed out to test at home if you can’t make it for on-site testing. You’ll have an online questionnaire to fill out after evaluating their products.

You can check out our other article for more opportunities to get paid to test beauty products.


Free Product Testing Electronics

The following sites allow you to receive compensation for testing electronics products at home.

Philips Product Tester

Philips is one of the largest electronics companies in the world focusing in the area of healthcare, lighting, home care among others.

When you register with Philips Product Tester, you can select a product you want to test. They will inform you by email if you are selected.

Depending on the type of test, you can buy the product at a reduced price in their online store or get it delivered to you for free.

Your job is to try the product and write an honest review about your experience. Philips often allow you to keep the product after completing the product test successfully.

Free product testing electronics


From smartphones, tablets to pushchairs and lawnmowers, have sent hundreds of free electronics products for testing to their members.

In addition to physical products, they also give away gift cards and vouchers to be a mystery shopper or secret diner in a restaurant.

To become a product tester with them, first, you’ll need to sign up to the product you want. If you match the profile they are after, you’ll receive your product.

Your job is to test the product, write an honest review, record a video and take photos. They’ll allow you to keep the product free once you completed the review.

On their Facebook Page, it appears that they do select several product tester winners every now and then, or so as some people have admitted receiving test products.

The main complaint people have is that they are just not enough product testing jobs to go around as most offer only accept one or two reviewers.

Usually, product testing websites ask for your name and address and won’t normally ask for your phone number like Product Testing USA does.

In any case, only sign up with them if you are comfortable giving out your phone numbers and other personal information. And always use separate email address just for this purpose.

If you get unwanted calls, try listing your number on the “Do Not Call” list and file a complaint via


Get Paid to Review Amazon Products

Do you want to test products for Amazon?

Nowadays, it has become harder to find paying review opportunities due to Amazon’s policy change.

As you can imagine, fake reviews are bad because they make people lose trust in reviews and star ratings which will prevent them from making informed buying decisions.

Amazon really wants you to have purchased the product through their website to leave a review.

Their guidelines have always prohibited compensation for reviews, with an exception – reviewers could post a review in exchange for a free or discounted product as long as they disclosed that fact.

Amazon Product Sampling

With Amazon Product Sampling, you can try the latest products from Amazon with no obligation to purchase or review the products.

To sign up, visit their preferences page to opt-in for receiving samples and to let them know which sampling categories you’re most interested in.

Not everyone will be selected to receive a sample though and you don’t have to be a Prime member to participate.

Amazon Vine

This is an invitation-only program where trusted reviewers, called Vine Voices, have the chance to share their opinions about new and pre-release products.

Amazon selects customers based on their reviewer ranks. Those who consistently write helpful reviews and develop a reputation for expertise in specific product categories are most likely to be invited into the program.

If you become a Vine Voice, then Amazon gives you free products from participating vendors. You can leave an honest and unbiased opinion on the item.

You won’t get paid for your reviews but you get to keep the product after the review.

The site connects Amazon merchants who are looking to increase exposure by offering free or discounted promo codes to users who love to get free stuff in the mail.

Since Amazon disallow sellers from offering discounted products to buyers in exchange for reviews without disclosing the fact, writing reviews are not mandatory but appreciated.

On their website, you can search for products that you want to test, then click the “Reveal” button or simply contact the seller.

After that, the seller will contact you with more information along with instructions about purchasing the product.



How to get paid to test products at home?

To be clear, there’s no product testing job per se. That is, you can’t actually make a living as a product tester working from home.

So approach this opportunity as a fun hobby to get free products to try, even get paid.

Also, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be selected as a tester when you join a product testing panel. That said, you’ll never know until you sign up!

Now it’s your turn.

Have you tried any of these companies/websites to get free products to test? Do you know of any other legit company that does offer product testing for free?

We love to hear your experience in the comments below.

Getting paid to test products is simpler than what you may think. Check out these product testing companies that will mail out free samples. Become a paid product tester today! #producttester #getpaidtotestproducts #testproducts #freesamples


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