How to get paid to be an online friend.

How to Get Paid to Be an Online Friend [Earn $50/hr]

Are you looking for a unique way to earn some extra cash?

Perhaps you’re wondering if it’s possible to get paid to be an online friend.

With the rise of digital platforms and people seeking genuine connections, this side gig is gaining popularity.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the ins and outs of becoming an online friend for pay.

We’ll talk about how it works, what you can earn, and the best websites to get started.

Whether you’re a natural-born listener or just someone who loves to make new friends, keep reading to discover how you can turn your social skills into a money-making opportunity.


Table of Contents


Understanding the Concept of Online Friends

In today’s digital age, the concept of online friends has become increasingly common.

People are connecting with others through various online platforms, sometimes forming strong bonds without ever meeting in person.

Online friendships can provide a sense of connection, support, and understanding for people who may struggle to make friends in their daily lives or simply want to expand their social circle.


What is a virtual friend?

A virtual friend is someone who offers platonic companionship, conversation, and emotional support through online platforms such as social media, messaging apps, or specialized websites.

These friendships usually occur entirely online, with both parties communicating via text, voice calls, or video chats.

Virtual friends can help others feel less isolated, provide advice, or simply offer a listening ear when someone needs to vent, all within the context of a platonic relationship.


Why do people hire online friends?

There are several reasons why someone might choose to hire an online friend.

Some individuals may struggle with social anxiety or have difficulty making friends in their daily lives.

Others might be going through a tough time and need someone to talk to, or they could be looking for a specific type of conversation that they can’t find in their existing social circle.

Online friends can offer a non-judgmental space for people to share their thoughts and feelings without the pressures of face-to-face interactions.


Do you have to meet your online friend in-person?

Meeting your online friend in-person is not a requirement in most cases.

The primary purpose of a virtual friendship is to provide support and companionship through online platforms.

However, some websites and services might offer the option of in-person meetups, depending on the preferences and comfort levels of both parties.


How Much Can You Get Paid as a Virtual Friend?

The amount you can earn as a virtual friend varies depending on the platform, your skills, and the demand for your services.

On average, you can expect to make anywhere from $10 to $50 per hour or more.

Some online friends may charge a flat rate for a set amount of time, while others might have a pay-per-minute or pay-per-message system.

According to, the amount you earn is up to you.

Some friends on the platform make over $2000 a week full time, while others work part-time on weekends and make $300-$500.

Remember, your actual earnings could be more or less depending on your commitment and effort.

Online Friend Earning Calculator

Use this calculator to determine your earning potential as an online friend. It converts hourly pay to daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and annual rates.

Pay Period Pay Amount


How to Become an Online Friend: Step-by-Step Guide with Tips

Most platforms require an initial onboarding process. Here are some tips to help you on your journey to becoming a successful online friend.

1. Research the market and sign up for a platform

Before diving into the world of online friendships, take the time to explore various platforms, understand their payment structures, and identify your target audience.

To get started with virtual friend jobs, sign up for an online friends site or application.

Accurately filling in your information ensures you are matched with people who share similar interests and are in a similar time zone.

This crucial step in the process requires you to provide accurate information to avoid being matched with someone you don’t get along with or who has a significant time difference.

2. Take a personality test

Many platforms will ask you to complete a personality quiz to help determine friend compatibility and find suitable matches.

Remember, both introverts and extroverts can excel in virtual friendships.

3. Create an appealing and genuine profile

Craft a compelling and engaging profile that showcases your personality, interests, and communication skills.

Describe yourself from your perspective, highlighting unique aspects like hobbies, favorite books, films, and language skills.

Be authentic to attract the right clients.

4. Set your rates and provide payment details

Determine how much you want to charge for your services, considering the average rates for online friends and your own skillset.

Most platforms pay via PayPal or electronic bank transfer, so provide your payment information and make a note of the payment schedule.

5. Activate your profile and advertise your services

Once your profile is complete and visible to others, wait for friend requests and start connecting with clients.

Share your profile on various platforms, social media, and online communities where potential clients may be looking for online friends.


Top Websites to Get Paid to Be an Online Friend

Here are some of the best websites where you can earn money by offering online friendship and companion services.

1. RentAFriend (In-person meetups and online friends)

RentAFriend is a popular platform for individuals seeking to earn money by offering friendship services, both in-person and online.

This unique website connects you with people from all over the world looking for companionship, whether for attending events or simply engaging in online conversations through messaging or video calls.


  • Available worldwide, covering both the UK and the US
  • You set your own prices, with most friends starting at $10+ per hour
  • Offers a wide range of activities, from online gaming to in-person meetups
  • RentAFriend charges clients a membership fee, allowing you to keep your entire earnings
  • Good support for users


  • Limited earning opportunities depending on your comfort level and availability
  • The website is not mobile-friendly
  • No background checks are done on the friends or members, so safety precautions are necessary

As a friend on RentAFriend, you can create a profile showcasing your interests and skills, and clients can find you by searching the platform’s database.

The site earns by charging clients a small membership fee, allowing you to keep all your earnings.

Keep in mind that your safety is essential, and the platform advises you to take necessary precautions, especially during in-person meetups.

Here’s a rather entertaining YouTube video from Yes Theory sharing how they use RentAFriend to find a friend for a day.


2. Rent a Local Friend (Local experiences and online friends)

Rent a Local Friend is a unique travel platform that connects travelers with locals who offer personalized tours and insights into their city’s culture.

The service operates in over 170 cities worldwide, allowing users to experience authentic, non-touristy activities.

You can offer your services as an online friend, assisting people in exploring new locations virtually or providing recommendations and advice.


  • Opportunity to earn extra income by showcasing your local expertise
  • Set your own hourly rates and choose the type of tours or experiences to offer
  • Connect with travelers from around the world and make new friends
  • You can offer your service virtually providing clients with local travel tips online


  • Quality of tours and experiences may affect your success on the platform
  • Profile activation may require a “contribution” to the Rent a Local Friend network
  • Requires time and marketing skills to promote your profile and attract clients
  • Rate-setting limitations upon profile creation, with the possibility of changes after activation


3. Rent a Cyber Friend (100% online friends)

Rent a Cyber Friend is an online friendship platform where you can create a profile, set your rates, and offer services such as conversation, emotional support, or tutoring in specific subjects.

This platform is focused exclusively on online friendships, with no face-to-face meetings.

The platform connects people with similar interests, hobbies, and goals, allowing users to video chat with their ideal cyber friend.

The first minute of every call is free, with charges starting from the second minute. To find the perfect cyber friend, users can filter profiles by interest tags, categories, and gender.


  • 100% online platform, no need for face-to-face meetings
  • Set your own rates, typically ranging from $0.10 to $1.00 per minute
  • Possibility to earn between $4.80 and $48 per hour after the platform’s 20% commission
  • Connect with people from around the world with similar interests
  • Opportunity to offer specialized knowledge or advice
  • The platform encourages promoting your profile on social media, potentially increasing your income


  • Platform’s 20% commission may reduce overall earnings
  • Limited number of users on the site (around 2,000 monthly visitors from Google according to and potentially low activity
  • May take time to find the ideal clients with similar interests
  • Monthly fee of $30+ to access profiles and communicate, which may be high for some users
  • Requires a good internet connection and camera for video chats
  • Uncertainty about the potential to make a substantial income

Keep in mind that the success you achieve will depend on factors such as the quality of your profile, the rates you set, and your ability to connect with clients who share your interests.


4. FriendPC (Online Friendships)

FriendPC is a platform focused on online friendships where you can create a profile and offer a variety of services such as virtual gaming sessions, tour services, mentorship, and life coaching.

You can also provide a virtual girlfriend/boyfriend service, with rates typically ranging from $5 to $15 per hour for social media chats and $15 to $30 per hour for phone or video calls.

Remember, FriendPC is not for dating or non-platonic relationships, and inappropriate behavior can be reported.

Although you can sign up for free with the Starter package and create one listing, you may want to upgrade to the Professional Friend or Best Friend packages for more listings and lower commission fees.

The commission fee for the free Starter package is 30%, but lower fees are available with the paid packages.

We don’t know if it’s just us but we noticed many broken links while browsing the website. And according to, it only receives around 2,700 monthly visitors from Google.


  • You set your own rates.
  • Immediate payment upon booking.
  • Clearly outlined service categories.
  • Free profile creation and one listing with the Starter package.
  • Ability to block and report inappropriate members.


  • 30% commission fee for the free Starter package.
  • Lower commission fees require purchasing higher packages.


5. Fiverr

Fiverr is a popular marketplace for freelancers offering thousands of digital services such as graphic design, web development, video editing and much more.

There’s a section of Fiverr called Lifestyle where you can also offer your services as life coaching, online tutoring, career counseling, game coaching, trip plans and more.

Alternatively, you can simply search for the keyword “friends” to find gigs that offer online friendships and companionship.

By creating a gig that highlights your skills and personality, you can set your own rates and offer various services like conversation, emotional support, or even entertainment.


  • Established platform: Fiverr is a well-known marketplace with a large user base, which increases your chances of finding clients.
  • Flexible services: You can offer a wide range of services, from short chats to relationship advice or even pen pal letters.
  • Set your own rates: Fiverr allows you to set your own rates, with some sellers charging between $5 to $50 per gig.
  • Rating system: Fiverr’s 5-star rating system helps you gain exposure and attract more clients as you build a positive reputation.


  • High competition: With many freelancers on the platform, you may need to work harder to stand out from the crowd.
  • Limited demand: While you can offer online friendship services on Fiverr, the demand for these services may not be as high unless you can offer specialized services.
  • Commission fee: Fiverr deducts a 20% commission from your earnings.

Despite the cons, Fiverr can be an excellent place to start your online friendship business, gain experience, and build your reputation.

With a well-crafted gig and dedication to providing quality services, you can find success in this niche market.


Staying Safe as a Virtual Friend: Online Safety Tips

Maintain online safety by following these essential tips as a virtual friend:

  1. Use a secure platform: Use a trusted platform like Fiverr or RentAFriend to protect your personal information and handle transactions.
  2. Be cautious about sharing personal information: Avoid sharing sensitive personal details like your home address, phone number, or financial information.
  3. Report inappropriate behavior: If a client acts inappropriately or makes you uncomfortable, report them to the platform and block them from contacting you.
  4. Use a separate email address: Create a dedicated email address for your online friendship business to keep your personal and professional correspondence separate.
  5. Maintain strong and unique passwords: Use strong and unique passwords for each account to prevent unauthorized access.
  6. Be vigilant with links and attachments: Avoid clicking on suspicious links or opening attachments from unknown sources to protect yourself from phishing attacks and malware.


Meeting in Person: Safety Tips and Guidelines

If you decide to meet face-to-face, follow these tips to ensure your safety:

  1. Meet in public places: Choose a well-lit, busy public location like a cafe or a park for your first meeting to ensure your safety.
  2. Inform a friend or family member: Let someone close to you know the details of your meeting, including the time, location, and the name of the person you’re meeting.
  3. Keep your phone charged and accessible: Make sure your phone is fully charged and within reach in case you need to call for help or report any issues.
  4. Set boundaries: Communicate your boundaries and expectations with your client beforehand, and don’t hesitate to end the meeting if they don’t respect them.
  5. Trust your instincts: If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe at any point, leave the situation immediately.


How Hard Is It to Make Money as an Online Friend?

Making money as an online friend can be challenging due to the high competition and the limited demand for such services.

Platforms like RentAFriend, despite having a large number of visitors each month, struggle to support the significant number of friends available for hire.

Many of these visitors are individuals looking to offer their services rather than potential clients.

The supply of available friends often far outpaces the demand, making it difficult for online friends to earn a steady income.

However, this doesn’t mean that online friends don’t provide valuable services or that success is impossible.

A considerable number of profiles on these platforms may be incomplete or inactive, and by staying active, your profile could stand out from the rest.

Additionally, while many friends on Rent a Friend are focused on in-person connections, those who exclusively offer online friendships may face less competition.


How to Maximize Your Earnings as an Online Friend

Based on the traffic data from (as of April 2023), is the most popular platform for online friendships with 50,900 monthly visitors from Google, followed by with 8,500 visitors.

Fiverr, although not specifically focused on online friendships, attracts a massive 2.4 million visitors each month.

Meanwhile, and receive significantly lower traffic, with 2,700 and 1,900 visitors respectively.

Website Monthly Site Traffic 50,900 8,500 2,700 1,900
Fiverr 2.4M

Despite the popularity of some platforms, it’s important to note that the demand for online friends may not be as high as the number of people looking to offer their services.

For instance, has over 600,000 friends available for hire, but a significant portion of their monthly visitors are likely individuals seeking to get hired.

In addition, Fiverr may have massive visitor numbers each month, but the majority of these visitors are looking for other services besides searching for an online friend.

This disparity between supply and demand could make it difficult for someone looking to make money as an online friend.

However, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to succeed in this side hustle. To improve your chances, consider the following tips and tricks:

  • Choose a popular platform: Start by signing up on a platform with a larger user base, such as or Fiverr. This increases the likelihood of being discovered by potential clients.
  • Stand out from the competition: Offer unique experiences or skills that set you apart from other online friends. This could include specific hobbies, interests, or areas of expertise.
  • Build long-term relationships: Focus on developing long-lasting connections with clients, as repeat customers can provide a more stable income.
  • Promote yourself: Use social media and personal websites to showcase your services and reach a wider audience.
  • Be patient and persistent: Success in the online friendship business may not come overnight. Stay dedicated, continuously improve your offerings, and adapt your approach as needed.

While the odds of making significant money as an online friend may seem low, with the right strategy, dedication, and a focus on providing value to clients, it’s possible to find success in this unique side hustle.

How to Expand Your Online Friendship Business

To expand your online friendship business, leverage social media platforms to reach a wider audience and create a personal website to showcase your services. Here’s how:

Use social media to attract clients

Leveraging social media platforms is an effective way to expand your online friendship business.

Regularly share engaging content related to your services, and interact with your audience to build trust and rapport.

Make sure to promote your online friend profile, showcase your unique offerings, and encourage satisfied clients to share their experiences to reach a broader audience.

Create a personal website to showcase your services

Having a personal website can lend credibility to your online friendship business and provide a platform to showcase your services.

Include a well-written bio, high-quality images, testimonials from satisfied clients, and detailed descriptions of the services you offer.

A personal website also allows you to create a blog where you can share content relevant to your niche, further establishing your expertise and attracting potential clients.


Alternatives to Being a Virtual Friend

If you’re considering alternatives to being a virtual friend, there are many other online opportunities for making money or connecting with others.

Some alternatives include:

  • Freelancing: Offer your skills and expertise in areas such as writing, graphic design, web development, or digital marketing on platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr.
  • Online tutoring or teaching: Share your knowledge by teaching subjects or skills you’re proficient in through platforms like VIPKid, TeachAway, or
  • Life coaching or consulting: Help clients improve various aspects of their lives, such as personal development, career, relationships, or health, through platforms like or by setting up your own website.
  • Customer support or virtual assistance: Provide remote support to businesses and entrepreneurs by managing tasks, handling customer inquiries, or offering administrative assistance through platforms like Belay, Time Etc., or by directly reaching out to companies.
  • Remote language exchange or conversation practice: Help people learn or practice a foreign language through casual conversation or structured lessons on platforms like iTalki, Preply, or Tandem.
  • Content creation or social media management: Create engaging content for social media platforms, blogs, or YouTube, and potentially make money through ad revenue, brand partnerships, or by managing social media accounts for businesses.
  • Online gaming or streaming: If you’re a skilled gamer or have an entertaining personality, consider streaming your gaming sessions on platforms like Twitch or YouTube, where you can earn money through donations, subscriptions, or ad revenue.
  • Podcasting or video creation: Share your thoughts, knowledge, or experiences through podcasting or creating videos for platforms like YouTube, and potentially earn revenue from ads, sponsorships, or Patreon.

These alternatives allow you to use your skills, interests, or passions to connect with others online and potentially earn money while doing so.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are several common questions related to getting paid to be an online friend.

Can I get paid to be a friend online?

Yes, you can get paid to be a friend online. There are several platforms, such as Rent a Friend, Rent a Cyber Friend, and FriendPC, where you can create a profile and offer your services as an online friend or companion.


Can I make money texting?

Yes, you can make money texting through various online platforms that connect you with people seeking companionship or conversation.

These platforms usually pay you for your time spent texting or chatting with clients.


How can I make money talking to guys online?

You can make money talking to guys online by offering your services as a virtual friend on platforms like RentAFriend, Rent a Cyber Friend, or FriendPC.

Create a profile, set your rates, and start connecting with clients interested in conversation, emotional support, or other services you offer.


How do I get paid for virtual friends?

You get paid for virtual friendships by signing up on platforms that connect online friends with clients, such as Rent a Friend, Rent a Cyber Friend, or FriendPC.

These platforms handle transactions, ensuring you get paid for the time spent with your clients.


Is it legal to get paid to be a companion?

Yes, it is legal to get paid to be a companion or friend, both in-person and online.

The services offered on such platforms are strictly platonic and non-sexual, focusing on conversation, emotional support, and companionship.


Is it awkward to get paid to talk to lonely people?

Getting paid to talk to lonely people may feel awkward initially, but as you gain experience and develop genuine connections, it can become a fulfilling and enjoyable way to make money.

The key is to approach it professionally while being empathetic and attentive to your clients’ needs.


Does RentAFriend really work?

RentAFriend does work for many people looking for platonic friendships and companionship.

The platform connects people who are willing to offer their time and company with those seeking a friend for various reasons.

However, it is essential to understand that success on the platform depends on your ability to connect with clients and offer engaging, valuable experiences.


What is the best app to make friends?

There is no single “best” app for making friends, as the ideal app depends on your preferences and interests.

Some popular apps for making friends include Bumble BFF, Meetup, Nextdoor, and Hey! VINA.

When choosing an app, consider factors such as user base, location, and the app’s focus to find one that suits your needs.


Conclusion: Get Paid to Be an Online Friend

Getting paid to be an online friend is an unconventional but viable way to earn money while providing companionship and support to others.

With the right platform, unique offerings, and a focus on building lasting relationships, you can make the most of this opportunity.

Remember to prioritize safety and professionalism, and don’t hesitate to expand your online friendship business using social media and personal websites.

The world of online friendships is vast, and with dedication and the right approach, you can find success and satisfaction in this unique side hustle.

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