How to get free baby samples by mail

25 Free Baby Samples For New and Expecting Moms

Whether you’re a new parent or even getting ready to welcome your fourth, getting free baby samples can be tremendously helpful.

Having a baby is expensive. The cost of essentials like baby diapers, formula, clothes and other expenses you forget to plan for can add up fast.

According to a survey by the USDA, the average spending per child between the age of 0 to 2 is $12,370 per year.

The good news is, there are plenty of ways to get free baby samples by mail that will help you save big on some everyday baby stuff.

Since there are many companies willing and eager to give out free baby samples, you can stock up on free baby diapers, formulas, bottle samples or pacifiers, gears and other free baby stuff without spending a dime.

To help you save money, we scoured the Internet to find the best baby freebies, gifts and offers and compile them below.

So if you’re looking for baby freebies to help you have a baby on a budget you’re in the right place!

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How to Get Free Baby Samples by Mail Without Surveys

Companies give out free baby samples as a way for them to connect with their potential customers and introduce their products to you.

They’re hoping that you’ll like the items so much you’ll go out and buy them yourself after trying out the samples.

Sometimes you have to pay the shipping cost but usually, the value of the freebie is greater than the shipping cost to make it worth your time.

Some free samples require you to fill out surveys, enter a coupon code or perform certain actions in exchange for free baby products.

Most of the offers on the list won’t cost you a penny and some send out free samples by mails without requiring any surveys.

These deals will save you hundreds of dollars in baby expenses during the early years of raising your baby.


Free Baby Diapers Samples

One of the biggest expenses that costs parents the most are diapers.

Fortunately, there are companies willing to send you free baby diapers and wipes that will help you cut down the cost.

Since everyone buys diapers repeatedly, it’s easy to see why companies are eager to send out free baby diapers samples.

You can simply request free samples of diapers, sign up with their mailing list or register with their diaper reward programs to get your free diapers.

The Honest Co.

The Honest Co. was founded by Jessica Alba with the goal of offering safe and effective products that perform.

They offer a free trial of their products when you sign up with their free Discover Kit of Diapers and Wipes.

If you select both the diapers and wipes as well as the essentials bundles, you can get more than $100 worth of baby products for free. You’ll only pay $5.95 for shipping.

What’s the catch? Once your free trial is over, they’ll auto-enrol you into their subscription program and will be billed accordingly.

So be sure to cancel your subscription box before the seven-day trial period is over to avoid getting charged.

Everyday Family: Win Free Diaper for a Year

Everyday Family offers users a number of different free baby samples, baby magazines, offers and coupons from name brand advertisers.

By registering with you will receive stage based pregnancy and baby email newsletters.

To learn more, watch the video below:

Huggies Rewards

This world famous diaper brand, Huggies doesn’t offer free samples directly.

But you can join their rewards program and exchange points for free gift cards, free diapers and other Huggies products.

As a member, you earn points when you take online surveys, purchase Huggies products, sharing on social media, linking a loyalty card and some more.

You also get 500 points just for signing up.

Download the Huggies Rewards app and you can start accumulating points right at your fingertips.

Pampers Rewards

This is a loyalty program from Pampers available through a mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

To claim your points, just scan the codes found on their product packaging using the app or enter the codes on the Pampers website. You’ll get 100 points just for signing up.

You can exchange these points for free diaper and wipes samples, coupons and offers from their partner companies too.

National Diaper Bank Network

The National Diaper Bank Network is a non-profit organization that works to supply diapers to low-income families.

According to their study, 1 in 3 American families reports experiencing diaper needs. Disposable diapers cost $70 to $80 per month per baby and diapers cannot be obtained with food stamps.

This is a good program to look into if things get really tough.


Free Baby Formula Samples

Baby formula is one the essentials every baby needs.

Companies like Enfamil and Walmart give out free baby formula samples and even full-sized containers of baby formula.

The following are a few places to try out baby formulas and see which one your baby likes the most while saving money in the process.


The Enfamil Family Beginnings program offers Enfamil baby formula coupons, free baby formula samples, rebates and other special offers.

You’ll also receive tips and nutrition advice, information about your baby’s growth and developments and special savings offers via emails.

According to Enfamil, up to $400 in free gifts are up for grabs for you and your baby throughout your pregnancy, baby’s first year and into toddlerhood.

You’ll also get the chance to win a $25,000 scholarship for your baby.

Free Sample of Enfagrow from Enfamil

Enfamil also offers a free sample of its Enfagrow Toddler formula. You’ll get a 10 oz. sample.

To receive yours, just fill out a simple form and you’ll receive your free toddler formula sample in a matter of weeks.


Similac is a popular baby formula manufacturer and a trusted brand.

The Similac StrongMoms is a rewards program that offers personalized gifts, free samples of formula and coupons to new and expecting parents.

As a member, you’ll be entered to win a $1,000 Buy Buy BABY gift card. You’ll also enjoy up to $400 in savings and benefits.

Nature’s One

Nature’s One sample program allows you to receive a 12.7oz retail size can of any of their baby formula for free.

Just visit the product page of the product you would like to sample, select the sample SKU and click the green “Add Free Sample” button.

You will need to take a quick survey and when you’ve done, the product will be automatically added to your cart. Then, you can simply check out or continue shopping.

You’ll need to be a registered customer to get free samples.


Free Baby Boxes

Some companies like Amazon, Walmart and Target don’t have rewards programs, instead, they reward you with free baby box samples by creating an online registry.

When you sign up with these registries before the baby arrives, you’re building out a gift registry for baby showers.

Many of these retailers will send you some baby freebies and baby shower welcome boxes.

The good news is, some baby registries don’t require you to have a baby shower to get one! You just have to sign-up and add things to your registry.

Below are some of the good baby registries you can join.

Amazon Baby Registry

Amazon is a great place to create a registry since you can buy almost any baby products there at reasonable prices.

When you create a registry, you’ll receive a free welcome box of items for parents and baby valued up to $35.

In addition to the welcome box, you’ll also get a 10% completion discount or a 15% discount if you’re a Prime member.

Plus, you’ll get an additional 20% off diapers.

Target Baby Registry

When you sign up for a Target Baby Registry, you’ll receive $100 worth of free baby samples, coupons and goodies at the Target Customer Service Desk.

You’ll need to pick up your gift in person at your local store instead of having it delivered to your home.

In addition, you’ll also get a 15% discount on everything left in your registry 8 weeks before the baby is due.

Walmart’s Baby Registry

Like Target, Walmart offers a free welcome box for you and baby.

The box includes baby essentials from name-brand products like Dove, Huggies, NUK and All. The registry program also offers a price match guarantee and free returns.


When you sign up for a Babylist registry, you’ll receive a free baby box full of goodies for you and baby.

The only catch is that you’ll have to pay for the $4.95 shipping fee. You can check if you meet their eligibility requirements here.

Baby Box Co

Formerly known as the Baby Box University, the Baby Box Co. offers free online parenting courses from healthcare experts.

Once you complete a quiz on health and safety topics in a short video course, you can get your free Baby Box.

These Baby Boxes are similar to the cardboard boxes where Finnish babies sleep. Many said it’s one reason why the infant mortality rate in Finland is much lower than in the US.

In addition to the box, they’ll also send you various free baby product samples like wipes and diapers.


Free Baby Clothes Samples

Your baby can grow fast and with it comes the need to go through a lot of clothes which can develop into a major expense.

Thankfully, you can actually get baby clothing for free. Below are a few places where you can get free baby clothing samples.

FreeCycle is like Craigslist but only for free stuff.

FreeCycle is a nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns and neighborhoods.

They want to encourage reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills.

You should be able to find some gently-used baby clothes still in good condition. You may have to travel a bit to pick up the items but you’ll save a lot.

Aside from using FreeCycle, you can go to your local thrift shop to get lots of baby clothes for a dollar or cheaper.

Baby leggings are like yoga pants for babies.

You can get them for free at using a valid coupon code during checkout and you’ll only have to pay for shipping.

Since coupon codes expire fast, you’ll need to try them out to find a valid one.

For a list of free coupon codes that you can enter, try this website. For example, at the time of this writing, I found one that gives away free 5 pairs of baby leggings if you use the code 432.

If you want to avoid the hassle of finding and entering coupon codes during checkout manually, install the Honey extension for your browser to help you find the best coupon codes automatically.

Peace. Love. Swap. is a family-based enterprise that allows you to trade items for gently used baby clothing and gear.

You can ask about swaps organized by local moms groups or start one in your area too.


Free Pacifier Samples

Custom Pacifiers

This is a website that allows you to customize your baby pacifier.

Once you’re done, enter the coupon code “50261DA82” at check out and you’ll get $30 discount, that’s three pacifiers for free.

You’ll also get free shipping in the US for all orders $30.00 or more.

Target Baby Registry

When you sign up for the Target Baby Registry, you’ll get your free welcome gift valued at $100.

Included in the free welcome kit is a MAM Newborn Pacifier.

Philips Avent

Receive discounts and offers on pacifiers and other baby goodies when you sign up for the monthly newsletter.


An Assortment of Free Baby Stuff

The Noobie Box

The Noobie Box is a free pregnancy gift box for expecting moms.

It’s filled with an assortment of goodies for mom and baby and their Noobie Guide with information and offers.

The current edition of the box contains baby ointment, 5 diapers set, nasal drops, breastfeeding set, bottle and pacifier, set of 2 liners, surface and disinfectant and baby wipes.

This is a one-time gift with no subscription required. You only have to pay $6.95 to cover the shipping cost.


More Ways to Get Free Baby Samples

In addition to simply requesting baby freebies, registering with reward programs or baby registries, there are several other ways to get free baby samples.

Use Free Gift Cards

If you’re looking for more ways to save money on baby products, you can consider using free gift cards.

Companies like Amazon, Walmart, Visa are giving away free gift cards to promote their products and services.

In addition, you can also earn more free gift cards by taking part in paid online surveys.

You can save money, manage your shopping for essential baby items and stretch your budget further with these free gift cards.

Register With Ebates

Ebates is an online shopping site that gives you cash back for your online purchases.

As a member, you’ll continue to enjoy up to 40% off in the form of cash back at over 2000 online stores and 30 brick and mortar retailers.

Use this to your advantage to save more on baby related products purchases.

You can take advantage of their referral program too. When your friend sign-up through your affiliate link, you’ll get $25 and they’ll get $10.

Ebates pays a $10 sign-up bonus and when you shop through their platform.

Ask Your Doctor’s Office for Free Samples

Pediatricians may get products samples from companies from time to time. These can be formula or vitamins and others.

It never hurts to call your doctor’s office or local hospitals to see if they have any free baby samples to hand out.



There you have it! As you can see, there are many ways to get free baby samples.

Whether it’s baby diapers, sample formulas, clothing or pacifiers, you can find those for free online if you know where to look.  Sign up for as many freebies as you can.

For samples requested via mail, if they don’t show up after 4-8 weeks, or whatever the delivery time is, contact the company and let them know your situation.

In some case, they may be able to mail out another free baby sample box to you.

If you’re not having a baby, you can share this page with your friends or relatives who could use some free baby stuff.

Did we miss anything? If you know of any great baby samples, feel free to let us know in the comments!

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