Cash App ATM near me.

Cash App ATM Near Me: How to Find Free ATMs in Your Area

Are you tired of paying high ATM fees every time you need to withdraw cash from your Cash App account?

If so, you’re in luck!

In this blog post, I’ll show you how to find free Cash App ATMs in your area, so you can save money and access your funds without any hassle.

I’ll cover everything from how to find the closest cash APP ATM near me, to a bank list of Cash App ATMs.

So, sit back, and let’s dive into the world of free Cash App ATMs!



How to Find the Closest Cash App ATM Near Me

Here’s how to find Cash App ATM near you.

Cash App ATM Locator Map by Zip Code or City

Use this tool to search and find nearby ATMs by entering a ZIP code or city.

Once you found a Cash App ATM near you, click on the pin to view the address and a link to view it on Google Maps.



Using the “Find an ATM” In-App Feature

To locate in-network ATMs near you, you can follow these steps:

  • Tap on the Cash Card tab
  • Select ‘Find an ATM’
  • Choose a location near you by either using the map or searching by address
  • After finding a convenient location, you can use the options to get directions or copy the address into your preferred navigation app.

If this is your first time using the ATM finder, you may need to enable location services.


Finding a Free Cash App ATM Near Me

In this section, we’ll explore some options for finding a free Cash App ATM near you.

What ATMs are Free for Cash App?

There are no ATMs that offer free withdrawals for Cash App without condition.

To enjoy unlimited free withdrawal at in-network ATMs, you must have received $300 or more in direct deposits in a given calendar month. Additionally, you’ll also can get one reimbursed out-of-network withdrawal per 31 days.

If you receive another $300 or more in direct deposits in the same month, you will get another 31 days of free withdrawals.

However, customers who do not qualify for free withdrawals will be charged a $2.50 fee plus any fees imposed by the ATM operator for out-of-network withdrawals.

What are In-network ATMs for Cash App?

In-network ATMs are ATMs within the MoneyPass ATM network that Cash App has partnered with to offer free withdrawals for its customers. They have over 40,000 ATMs in-network.

You can find MoneyPass ATM network here.

Alternatively, you can find them by tapping the Cash Card tab and selecting ‘Find an ATM’ on your Cash App app.

Can I Use Any ATM to Withdraw Money?

Yes you can use any ATM that accepts Visa cards. But if you don’t have a direct deposit setup, Cash App and the ATM operator will charge you a fee.

List of Banks with Cash App ATMs Nearby

Did you know that you can withdraw money from your Cash App account using any ATM from any bank? Here’s a sample of Cash App ATMs around the country:

  1. Ally Financial
  2. American Express
  3. Ameriprise
  4. Ameris Bancorp
  5. Arvest Bank
  6. Associated Banc-Corp
  7. Atlantic Union Bank
  8. Bank of America
  9. Bank of Hawaii
  10. BankUnited
  11. Barclays
  12. BCI Financial Group, Inc.
  13. BMO Harris Bank
  14. BNP Paribas / Bank of the West
  15. BOK Financial Corporation
  16. Cadence Bank
  17. Capital One
  18. Cathay Bank
  19. Charles Schwab Corporation
  20. CIBC Bank USA
  21. CIT Group
  22. Citigroup
  23. Citizens Financial Group
  24. City National Bank
  25. Comerica
  26. Commerce Bancshares
  27. Credit Suisse
  28. Cullen/Frost Bankers, Inc.
  29. Customers Bancorp, Inc.
  30. Deutsche Bank
  31. Discover Financial
  32. East West Bank
  33. EB Acquisition Company II LLC
  34. EB Acquisition Company LLC
  35. Fifth Third Bank
  36. First BanCorp
  37. First Citizens BancShares
  38. First Hawaiian Bank
  39. First Horizon National Corporation
  40. First Midwest Bank
  41. First National of Nebraska
  42. FirstBank Holding Co
  43. Flagstar Bank
  44. FNB Corporation
  45. Fulton Financial Corporation
  46. Glacier Bancorp, Inc
  47. Goldman Sachs
  48. Hancock Whitney
  49. HSBC Bank USA
  50. Huntington Bancshares
  51. Investors Bank
  52. John Deere Capital Corporation
  53. JPMorgan Chase
  54. KeyCorp
  55. M&T Bank
  56. Macy’s
  57. MidFirst Bank
  58. Mizuho Financial Group
  59. Morgan Stanley
  60. MUFG Union Bank
  61. New York Community Bank
  62. Northern Trust
  63. Old National Bank
  64. Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc.
  65. PacWest Bancorp
  66. People’s United Financial
  67. Pinnacle Financial Partners
  68. PNC Financial Services
  69. Popular, Inc.
  70. Prosperity Bancshares
  71. Raymond James Financial
  72. RBC Bank
  73. Regions Financial Corporation
  74. Santander Bank
  75. Simmons Bank
  76. SMBC Americas Holdings Inc.
  77. South State Bank
  78. State Farm
  79. State Street Corporation
  80. Sterling Bancorp
  81. Stifel
  82. SVB Financial Group
  83. Synchrony Financial
  84. Synovus
  85. TD Bank, N.A.
  86. Texas Capital Bank
  87. The Bank of New York Mellon
  88. TIAA
  89. Truist Financial
  90. S. Bancorp
  91. UBS
  92. UMB Financial Corporation
  93. Umpqua Holdings Corporation
  94. United Bank (West Virginia)
  95. USAA
  96. Valley National Bank
  97. Washington Federal
  98. Webster Bank
  99. Wells Fargo
  100. Western Alliance Bank
  101. Wintrust Financial

You can find the complete list on

Note that if the bank is not part of the MoneyPass network, Cash App will charge you a $2.50 fee in addition to any fees imposed by the bank.

ATM Locations That Are Part of MoneyPass Network

You can withdraw money from your Cash App account without any ATM operator fees if you use ATMs at 7-Eleven, Kwik Trip, PNC Bank and U.S. Bank among others.

Since these ATMs are part of the MoneyPass network, they also qualify for unlimited free withdrawals from Cash App if you have direct deposit.

Click here to find more MoneyPass ATM.

MoneyPass ATM Logo


If a location has multiple ATMs, be sure to look for the MoneyPass logo on a sign near the ATM or displayed on the ATM screen to avoid paying extra fees.


What Are the Cash App ATM Withdrawal Limits

If you want to withdraw cash from an ATM or get cash back at checkout, you can use your Cash Card with the following limits:

  • $1,000 per day
  • $1,000 per ATM transaction
  • $1,000 per week

When getting cash back at checkout, select “debit” and enter your Cash PIN. Please note that cash-back transactions will count towards your ATM limits.

To check your Cash Card balance, you can do so in the Cash App or online. However, it’s currently not possible to check your balance at an ATM.

Is It Possible to Increase Cash App ATM Withdrawal Limits?

No, it is not possible to increase Cash App ATM withdrawal limits. Cash App has set limits for ATM withdrawals using the Cash Card to ensure the security and prevent potential fraud.


How to Avoid Fees When Withdrawing Cash from Cash App

To avoid fees when withdrawing cash from your Cash App account, follow these tips:

  1. Use in-network ATMs: Cash App has partnered with MoneyPass to offer free ATM withdrawals at over 40,000 in-network ATMs. Look for the MoneyPass logo when using an ATM to ensure it’s part of the network.
  2. Meet the direct deposit requirement: To enjoy unlimited free withdrawals at in-network ATMs, make sure you have received $300 or more in direct deposits within a calendar month. If you do, you’ll also be eligible for one reimbursed out-of-network withdrawal every 31 days.
  3. Transfer money to your bank account: Instead of withdrawing cash directly from an ATM, transfer the money from your Cash App account to your linked bank account. Then, use your bank’s debit card to withdraw cash from your bank’s ATM network without incurring Cash App fees.
  4. Get cash back at the point of sale: Many stores offer cash back when you make a purchase using your debit card. Select “debit” and enter your Cash PIN during the transaction to get cash back without paying ATM surcharge. Note that these transactions will count towards your Cash Card’s ATM limits.

By following these strategies, you can minimize or even eliminate fees when withdrawing cash from your Cash App account.



In conclusion, finding a Cash App ATM near you doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

With the help of the ATM locator map, in-app “Find an ATM” feature, and knowing which ATMs are part of the MoneyPass network, you can quickly locate a convenient and fee-free option for accessing your funds.

Remember, even if you don’t meet the direct deposit requirements for free withdrawals, transferring your money to your bank account and using your bank’s debit card is always an alternative to avoid those pesky fees.

So, the next time you need to withdraw cash from your Cash App account, use these tips to find the best ATM for your needs and save some money in the process.

Happy cashing!

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